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Kelly A Martin, PhD

Learning is the ultimate goal, but how one approaches learning and how one designs and shapes learning experiences significantly impact how and what learners actually learn . . . how they engage the subject, topic or content; how they apply what they learn; and, how they reflect on their learning and knowledge construction (aka, metacognition). In fact, I work from a social-constructivist perspective and am greatly influenced by the ideas of Bloom, Gagne, Merrill, Kozma, Jonassen, Gee, Duffy, Cunningham, Bruner, and Winn, as well as those continually developing out of such fields or disciplines as Congitive Science, Computer Science, Communication Studies, Visual Rhetoric, Education, and Gaming Studies.

Obviously, technology plays a powerful role in ID and eLearning, but it cannot displace sound pedagocial practices and design principles. That is, while the medium is part of the message, the medium should accomplish more than simply mesmorizing learners. Meaningful learning, no matter the context, can only develop when . . .

~Learners come first.
~Learning is an active experience..
~Learning activities are scaffolded, interactive, and authentic/situated,
~Learners can apply their knowledge and skills across disciplines, contexts, and experiences.
~Collaboration between learners and between learners and facilitators is ongoing.