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Kelly A Martin, PhD

Communications 340

This site was developed as a series of weekly modules to advance and support students' understanding of significant 20th-century theoretical-models of human communication. Communications 340 is a junior-level, onsite university course offered by Lakeland University and taught by Professor John McKenzie. Students are expected to already have in-depth knowledge of communicative and rhetorical stategies and practices. Therefore, Communications 340 concentrates on related classical and contemporary theoretical-models and on the seminal thinkers who developed or influenced them.

The problem to be addressed--as determined by interviews with the client, needs analysis, and a performance gap assessment--was how to elevate students' learning by literally, albeit virtually, bridging classical theoretical-models with those of modernity. In turn, the design of the site and the development of the learning activities inspire learners to think across, and to connect, multiple dimensions of communicative schools of thought.

Informing the design of this project and of all my instructional design projects is the Kemp Model. 

Photoshop CC

This online project showcases some of my various experimentations with Photoshop CC. 

Accompanying each project is a screenshot of the .psd file, in case other learners are interested in creating some basic Photoshop projects.

While my knowledge of, and experience with, Photoshop extends beyond what is represented by this site, I also include it here to substantiate my passion for technology and some of my related, diverse technical skills.

Zoom Training Course

These thumbnails are representative of the design and features of a Canvas training course dedicated to the professional development of Collin College faculty and staff who want to learn about, or broaden their knowledge of, the videoconferencing platform, Zoom. 

Like the other projects showcased here, this one includes multimedia resources and independent and collaborative learning activities.

Click on each thumbnail for a larger image of the screenshot.

English 2311 Online: Business and Technical Writing

The above screenshots are from an academic Canvas course designed for students who are pursuing an associate's degree or a certification or license in a vocational field. Specifically, English 2311: Business and Technical Writing is part of the first-year writing program at Collin College, located near Dallas-Ft. Worth. The course includes eight modules, ranging in topics from technical writing standards, to the composition of proposals, to using social media sites for professional purposes. The course also features a variety of learning activities and assessments, as well as multimedia resources.